Such a wonderful and exciting stage that passes far too quickly. As a mum with older girls I know how important it is to capture this time, it’s hard to remember exactly what they were like when they were so tiny. As well as capturing images of your baby in the most adorable sleepy curled up poses akin to being in the womb, I like to focus on the details too; tiny but perfect little fingers, toes, lips and eyes. Have a read through and try to book in advance, so that you don’t miss out.

– INFO –


The optimum time for a newborn session is when your baby is 6-10 days old. During this period babies are very sleepy and much of their skeleton is still cartilage making them very soft and flexible and easier to put into such beautiful poses.


When you have so much to think about after your baby arrives, it’s best to book your newborn session before your baby is born. In order to guarantee all pre-booked sessions, I only take a limited number of advance newborn bookings as I need to leave space in my diary either side of your due date because of the uncertainty of when baby will finally arrive. For scheduling purposes, you will be booked in on your due date and this will be adjusted nearer the time, just keep me informed so that I can juggle my diary. Of course, because of this need to be flexible, I will often have some last minute availability, so if you haven’t booked in advance please contact me to see if I can fit you in.


It can be quite overwhelming and exhausting in the early days and the thought of having a newborn photo session can be quite daunting, but please don’t let that put you off. My home studio makes for a very relaxed environment and at least you don’t have to rush around tidying up your own house and making space for all of my equipment. Put your feet up with an espresso, tea and cookie or cake whilst watching me work with your gorgeous new baby. You can even close your eyes and catch up on some much needed sleep! There’s no time pressure and with only one newborn session scheduled on any one day, I can be very flexible to fit in with you and your baby.


You need to allow up to 4 hours for your session. Although this might seem like a long time, most of the session will be spent feeding, changing, soothing, posing and reposing. There is a real art to newborn photography, the whole session is baby led and simply cannot be rushed.


I have a variety of wraps, hats, hairbands, soft toys, bowls and baskets to style your session, but I’m happy to incorporate any of your own props too, if you would like to personalise it.


You are welcome to bring siblings along to be photographed with your newborn, just let me know in advance, so that it can be scheduled into the session.


Don’t worry or be put off if you have already had your baby and missed this very early window. Although slightly older babies might not be quite as flexible and go into all the poses as easily or stay in such a deep sleep for as long, I am still able, and absolutely love, to capture beautiful baby photos at any age.

Contact me to book or just call for a chat to find out more.