The first few months can be really tough on new parents, so don’t worry if you didn’t get round to having newborn photographs taken, there will be plenty of other opportunities for me to capture gorgeous images of your baby. During the first year your baby will change more rapidly than at any other time. Take advantage of my Baby’s First Year package that includes 3 sessions throughout the first year or opt for one of the individual sessions at recommended milestones.



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Sessions can take place at any age, but I would suggest the following:

Sitter session – One of my favourite sessions, this is most successful when your baby is sitting confidently, nice and stable and not frequently toppling over, usually at around 7-8 months. By now your baby will be developing its own little personality and is likely to be very happy and responsive.

1st birthday with optional cake smash and splash session – A perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Mark the occasion with special photographs, a present your baby will love when they are all grown up themselves. Includes a standard portrait session, but If you would like to bring a cake, we can finish with a cake smash, followed by a splash in the tub to clean up!


My home studio makes for a very relaxed environment particularly for young children. Of course I have professional lights, but it’s more like popping round to friend’s house than a large daunting studio space. Most children settle in quite quickly, but some take a little longer. I’m very relaxed and with only one session scheduled on any one day there’s no time pressure, we can work around your baby’s needs.


These sessions usually last around an hour to 90 mins, but it’s very child dependent and I never rush a session. The aim is to get the best out of your baby, so if it takes a little bit longer then so be it.

Contact me to either book now or find out more.